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My name is Evelien Nijeboer (1969), I live in Amsterdam. I'm a mother and an artist. When I started studying art, I imagined art to be the way two find out about reality. I imagined artists, to be people who want to develop themselves as individuals. During my education (AKI - Enschede, Rijksacademie v. Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam) I sometimes wondered about certain phenomena in contemporary art, which led me into examining the underlying convictions and ideas. I know about contemporary art, and I like anthroposophy. The gap between these worlds was a stimulus for basic research.

I found that my perception of reality was actually formed during physics, in highschool - just like everyone elses. This theoretical foundation is to most people self-evident and true. But, what if a different view on these things can be had? Just as valid as the measurements of a particle accelerator? Even the most basic topics in physics will look different, if you take out the abstract hypotheses and preassumptions, when you start to wonder what it is YOU are seeing. It led me to different ideas about colour, painting, the function of art altogether, and about art history. I found that painting can be a way to do research, to begin with about the way your own perception works. Every bit of knowledge you have about that, can be transformed into a tool for further artistic research.

about my work

esthetics - what is beauty, and why. Piet Mondriaan of Jan Voerman

art and science - thought and perception, theory of colour, anthroposophy

look into my kitchen - working with colour, composition, perspective, materials

art and objectivity on objectivity in art, and its relation to agression and perversity

kunstgeschiedenis vanaf 1900 tot nu bezien vanuit een goetheaanse bril

artikel over lichaamsintelligentie

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