about my work
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series of small paintings, oil and tempera on MDF, 15 x 20 cm


these words were written for the exhibition "snapshots", to be seen untill 1 okt 2009 in Windowgallery Het Depot, rustenburgerstraat 385 Amsterdam (corner of F. Bolstr.)


I am a painting photographer. Painting is active photography.
What I do is inconspicuous. It's close to the natural perception of the healthy physical body, where a veil of normality keeps reality hidden from us. Still we've all been part of this reality, for as long as we can remember. After studying the laws of colour, form, composition and perspective, I am a good painter- no more, no less and one out of many. What is special about my work, is on the inside. And if I'm lucky, it procreates - from one inside to another.

Of course I want to roam the bounderies, to see who else I could be. Or, like in these snapshots, to seek the casual, so that I can come to myself. But in the end, I want to make pictures to be used by anyone, as a place to store one's own treasures.
I want to hear the room breathe. To open up the water. To hand over my existence to something yet to exist.
Perception is: to create reality
Who masters the rules, can bend them. One can learn to open things up, without breaking them.
One has to learn to listen, hear the silence breath, to feel how things come walking in on their little feet, on their socks. Cautiously, I learn how to do it. And then I step into it to make a difference.