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Commissioning for work - info

Wallpainting can be done as big as you want. Before, we agree on a price for the work, materials and taxes excluded. I usually work with acrylic paint, but egg-tempera or latex is also an option. To work on, I need a clean and neat wall - some structure is allowed, but no holes or damages. You can choose, if you want to do some of it yourself to cut expenses (like, the coloured ground layer and the transparant acrylic finish), or to have it done by me. Before I start, I make scetches and we will discuss them, to make sure I understand what it is you desire for your walls. If you want me to work freely, I will - but I also like teamwork. click here for my portfolio

portraits oil on canvas. I will make (abstract) scetches in pastels, to 'feel' my way into your constitution. I have trainde myself in perception through colour processes. What I encounter might be nice, or difficult. Whatever appears can be either specified or "treated" in the painting, if desired. Painting then becomes a form of healing. In executing the work, you can choose for more abstract or realisticl work. In the case of portraying children, I communicate with both child and parent about the work. You can also choose for having only the scetch.

Marble imitation, trompe-l'oeuil, painting in veils - a kind of handycraft I always enjoy.

Painting in veils: creating colour on your walls that seem to loosen itself from the wall. It is usually done by putting dozens of layers over one another. One then avoids a visible brushstroke, but it's a lot of work. It can be done with help (and then becomes a social event). The effect can also be reached with normal latex wallpaint, in 3 to 5 layers - the brushstrokes will be more visible, but the effect (living colour) will be roughly the same. In addition I can paint the windowpanes with effects of coloured light.

Trompe l'Oeuil is: realistic imagery, that alters the space, by suggesting things like scenery from a fictive window, landscape on your walls, an open ceiling with a view on the moon or clouds, etc.

De procedure

In the process of commissioning, there are three moments of contact and communication.

First, a meeting in which you tell me what you want, and I show you what I can do. If you have a good feeling about it, you'll commission me for making scetches. I charge a small fee for this.

In phase 2, we discuss the scetches, alterings can be made, and you decide if you want to set the project through. We will then agree on a price, materials, sizes etcetera, and I'll document this agreement.

When the work is finished, it will be delivered as agreed. For a painting on canvas: if the work is finished, alterings are no longer possible. In return, you can refuse the work, if you have solid grounds for not wanting it. A wallpainting cannot be refused, once finished, but you can have extra's or alterings. If they are new to the layout that was made in phase 2, I'll charge extra for them.

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