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Once, 12 x oil/tempera on MDF, 30 x 40 cm  Scroll down for enlargements.

"Once" is about time. It's one work, consisting out of 12 paintings, that are artistically self-sufficient, but in connection with one another (like cells in a body). It's a construction, research about the relationship between the sun and the earth, the fluctuation of light and warmth throughout the day. I picked 12 moments, with sunrise, sunset, midday and midnight as reference points. I tried to grasp these moments by depicting atmosphere
At sunrise, the light comes - but only arount 2 o'clock in the afternoon, when the sun is on it's way down again, warmth is on its peak. When the sun sets, the warmth of the day is not immediately gone. This interval can be deliciously experienced in the work with colour processes.
oThe original series was based on a series of photographs, taken from a lamppost that stands on the edge of a Dutch village - pictures were taken in 360 degrees, to follow the sun on her way. Later, when the colour processes became clear, other pictures came in (to fit the process). This to reflect on our mobility - if you have a car, you can go to the see to watch the sun set, and be back in the city an hour later.
These works are seperately sold, but to keep the series as a whole, I replace the sold pictures by newly painted ones. (up to 25 copies each). I would like the works to evolve, replacements are never exactly the same - only the colour process remains the same. The works shown here are now for sale (235 euro for one painting, including taxes), with a discount when ordering 2 or more.

early evening

late evening



shortly after midnight


night before sunrise



early morning


later in the morning



early afternoon


late afternoon


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