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Doing a commission is fun. As an experienced painter, I can translate an idea or inner vision into a painting, also when the idea or vision is not originally mine. The best work gets done, when there's good teamwork - the layout is developed in cooperation with my commissioner(s). I'm able to do so, because I plan the work in its layers, up until its final look.

My specialty is: colour, space, light, atmosphere. By working with colour processes, I can give my colours a natural and lively feel. Even a violet sky can look natural... (click here for examples). Colour processes carry the image, which will remain interesting and beautiful, as the work appeals to deeper layers of perception. My work does not leap into the eye, it is however present and creates a positive and healthy atmosphere.When painting on walls, the work is integrated in the space, its light, and the way it is used. You can have exactly the "feel" or the "look" that you need for your home or company.

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If you have a great idea: call me. - who knows what might become.

portraits are rather private, so no pictures of that here. When making a portrait, I do an abstract coloured scetch, in which I "read" your constitution. . click here for information on commissioning me for work.

Other options: logo's



or: imitation of wood and marble, trompe l'ouil, veil painting, windowpainting (like beautiful fake art deco stain windows)

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